A Drinking Game

About Zingg

Zingg is a drinking game for the daring. It will ask the hard questions, and you better hope you are drunk enough to answer! Zingg was made by Noah Eisen, with some inspiration from Wellp, the 4chan Drinking Game, King's Cup, and many many creative friends.

Interested in the Final Version of Zingg?

Development for Zingg is ongoing and, pending the success of the second beta, Zingg could go into commercial production September, 2016. For now, please fill out this google form to be put on our mailing list. The ONLY email you will get will be when we put Zingg into production.

But You Can Still Play Zingg Now!

While we are working on the final version of Zingg, we have decided to make the printable alpha version available! Simply download the pdf, then print and cut out the cards. Keep in mind that a lot has changed about the game since this first version. We are in the process of making the new Zingg deck printer friendly.


  • Everyone holds three cards in their hand at all times.
  • The player who suggested playing Zingg goes first.
  • Every turn involves playing one card.
  • Play continues clockwise.
  • The game ends when everyone is drunk.
  • The cards types:
    • Action - read the card description and do what it says.
    • Status - play this card on a particular player.
    • Interrupt - play this card at any time.